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Resident Assistant - Full-Time 2nd, Part-Time 1st & 3rd Shifts, or PRNLocationMount Washington, KYJob TypePart-time
Verifies identity of Resident receiving medication
Supervises the self-administration of medications by presenting medication toResident and observing ingestion or other application
Answers Residents' call signals to determine Residents' needs in 7 minutes or less according to Elmcroft Standards.
Encourages Residents to do things for themselves to retain feelings of independence and self-esteem. Maintains dignity of resident in all instances.
Maintain safety of residents by removing items from their path in their room, encouraging them to use ambulatory devices as needed, provide security when bathing, dressing and walking as necessary.
Observe Resident privacy by knocking on doors before entering, assuring privacy during baths or bathroom time, and while dressing and undressing.
Assure resident hygiene by following bath schedule, and assisting with showers/baths and/or sponge baths at all other times as is necessary to keep the resident clean and odor-free.
Assists resident with dressing as needed and assigned, so that resident will be dressed for season and time of day.
Assists resident with toileting as needed and assigned, so that resident will maintain good toileting habits and continence when possible.
Assists residents with ambulation as needed and assigned so that residents canmove safely through the building.
Assists residents with transferring as needed and assigned so that residents remain safe when transferring.
Provide verbal reminders to residents as needed when it is time for meals, activities, bedtime, etc.
Observe resident for change in condition and report any unusual occurrence to the
Complete incident report in its entirety for any unusual occurrence, event, or change in condition including only information pertinent to the incident (no elaboration).
Helps keep clothes clean by assisting resident in sorting clean and dirty clothing, check closets periodically for soiled clothing. Assure clean clothes are hung neatly in closet.
Launder clothes according to manufacturer's suggestions and return to resident rooms, hang neatly in closet or fold in drawers.
Assist with meal service by setting tables, serving residents, providing necessary refills or seconds, and removing dishes as residents are finished eating. Bus tables after meals to assist in cleaning the dining room. Vacuum room as assigned.
Provide miscellaneous assistance to resident such as helping reach something, find a lost item, redirection as needed, and so forth.
Provides daily assistance in addition to the housekeeper in keeping resident rooms and common areas clean and clutter-free. Make resident beds, empty trash containers, and pick up clutter.
Cleans common areas as assigned and appropriate to shift.
Completes daily paperwork as required to assure all assigned duties are being, performed for each resident.
Escorts or encourages residents to attend activities to assure each resident has ample opportunity to participate in activities of choice.
Maintains regular, punctual attendance as scheduled to assure no shift is short of caregivers to care for the residents.
Stays awake at all times during shift.
Attends all scheduled in-services.
Assists in training new associates as assigned.
Is fully knowledgeable of the fire evacuation and disaster policy of the community and participates as assigned in fire and disaster drills.
Demonstrates an understanding of compliance and ethics program policies and procedures.
Completes all mandatory compliance, HIPAA and state and federal regulatory training as required.
Maintains appropriate degree of confidentiality.
Performs other duties as assigned and which relate to the success of Elmcroft and the Care, Comfort, and Happiness of our residents. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist